Live Casino

The live casino is a relatively new concept for all online and mobile casinos, and it is one that has been accepted and welcomed with open arms. The live casino offers players an opportunity to enjoy live dealer casino games in real time and with real money. There is no trying out the games with this option. Players can register in advance to play a live dealer casino game or they can see what is available each time they want to play. Players that register in advance receive an email reminder that the game is about to start. The choice of live dealer casino games at the Pokies Spins casino includes baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Players are fed the game through a live video feed and through this, the player can interact with the dealer and there is also an option of interacting with other players in a special chat room that is open while the game runs. The live dealer games and the live lotto options offer the player an excitement that is indescribable until experienced, the player can sit on his laptop or home or office computer and interact with other players and the dealer as if he is at a land-based casino. This is especially good for the Australian players of which many live far away from cities and find it hard to get in. The live casino is totally dynamic and gives the player a surge of happiness and fun.