Legal Info

In this casino website, you have to follow the standard rules of SL or Silenced Materials copyright laws. You can use all these Licensed Materials only for personal use and all these content are the sole property of the SL and its license partners. Players are not allowed to use any of its materials for their own work or job unless they have the written consent to use these materials from the Licensed Materials and every player has to respect the copyright of this content.

Obligation of the Players

When you are completing the registration and creating an account with this casino, then you are agreeing with the terms and rules of this casino and you also agree that SL can change the rules and terms any time they want and you are also agreeing with this. It will be your responsibility that you will always be updated about the change of the terms and rules and you will change your activity according to the updated rules and terms.

If you are over 18, then you can create an account with this casino website but if your region has a higher age limit to start gambling online then you has to get at least that age to play casino games in this casino website. It will be always the player's responsibility to read and agree with the terms before completing the registration and they have to ensure that they are not violating the rules and terms while they are creating their account on this casino website.

Though, internet is a vast region, so SL can't control all the users from restricted regions so if your region does not support online gambling then it will be your liability that you are concern about this matter and do not open an account. There are some products and services that can't be used in your area for any reason so you can't blame the website for that. If you are from a restricted area then you can't hope to get any real services from us because your account can be closed any time. If your region is legal for the SL only then you can use our services and products.

Passwords and Accounts

A player can create only a single account on this casino website and if you have more than one account then we can disclose your account or you will not be eligible for any winnings. China, Poland, Japan, Denmark and Israel have promotional abuse history and for this cause players from these countries need to follow extra rules for betting on any casino game.