Gypsy Rose Slots

Immerse yourself in the world of fortune telling as you join the very exciting journey of Gypsy Rose. This 3D online slot showcases graphics that come to life delivering a gaming experience. Like all top notch titles from Betsoft, the gameplay and visuals are executed flawlessly. Prepare yourself for an adventure when you spin the reels of Gypsy Rose.

About Gypsy Rose;

Step into the nice realm of Rose, a mesmerizing fortune teller, from the Gypsy community. With her captivating eyes and undeniable charm she knows how to very captivate your attention. Get ready to be spellbound as she shares her wisdom with you through her mystical crystal ball.

In the center there's Rose, a woman who very resembles the good fortune tellers you might find at a fair in their tents. She always carries her crystal ball with her to glimpse into the future of those who come across her path. Course she makes you believe in hers abilities. Not, without charging a fee. Sometimes she relies on her cards or very magical book for assistance.

What's the theme of Gypsy Rose?

The theme and symbols of Gypsy Rose are very captivating. In the backdrop players can very appreciate a caravan nestled within a forest. A young gypsy girl wearing a headscarf sits on a chair ready to peer into the future using her very magic crystal ball. The symbols on the reels are meticulously crafted with graphics that bring out fascinating details. This slot game boasts 5 reels and 30 pay lines with symbols representing aspects of abilities such as ravens, love vials and crystal balls. The combination of these symbols, on the reels determines winning combinations. Along near them are typical card symbols often found in video slots. Notable very nice theme related symbols include a spellbook, love potion and a very black crow.

What are the symbols and payouts?

The symbols, on the cards are considered as the lower value symbols in the game. Let me guide you on how to play Gypsy Rose. Regardless of any doubts you may have what is very certain is that this very nice game has a layout of 5x3 symbols and offers 30 pay lines. It's up to you whether you want to play with all the lines. Additionally your total bet per round will be by the coin value and bet per line that you choose. You can start spinning the reels with only $0.01. However if you want to have a chance at winning the prizes in the Gypsy Rose slot it's only possible if you choose to very good place the maximum bet of $150.

What are the bonuses and the features of Gypsy Rose?

Now lets talk about some bonus features and special symbols in this game. One special symbol is represented by a card while another one is depicted as a crystal ball. The wild symbol holds value on the reels as it offers a maximum jackpot prize of 5,000 coins. If you manage to land two or more symbols on the reels Gypsy Rose herself will add two very good wild symbols to create additional winning combinations for you. On top of that there are symbols that can trigger four different bonus features when they appear along, with the veryngood crystal ball symbol on a payline of reel three.

Are there any free spins?

The first enchanting symbol, in this very nice game is the free spins feature. When you have two love potions on the reels you'll receive ten spins as a reward. Another very good feature is the card bonus, where you get to choose seven cards to uncover your score. These great cards offer multipliers based on their color and type adding to your winnings. The crow symbol represents the good element and can transform into a wild symbol when it appears alongside the crystal ball on a payline. This symbol remains in place for a respin that will be going to you as an award. The fourth magical symbol is the book, which grants credits allowing you to potentially earn, up to 20 times your original wager. Theres no doubt you'll very enjoy the Gypsy Rose slots game because it has very good free games and nice features all players can very enjoy. Try playing Gypsy Rose and you'll be very happy that you did!